Club Crafters

Clubcrafters partners of Golf Betting Tipster have been in business for over 28 years assembling and repairing clubs for companies such as; Bullet USA ,Go Classic, Seemore Putters, Sonartec, Bridgestone, Adams, Makser Golf ,Brand Fusion, Ram UK. Yonex, and Srixon.

We are based within Reigate Hill Golf Club.  We specialise in golf repairs, assembly work and custom fitting using the latest Trackman Technology.

We custom fit and build irons at the club and available online including MiuraVega,  Srixon and Yonex.

Anyone is welcome to bring down repairs where most of them can be repaired on the day and please remember to mention Golf Betting Tipster to see what deals and offers Club Crafters have to offer for you.Club Repair Services

  • Re-shaft broken irons from                                             £28.00
  • Re-shaft Hybrids from                                                      £50.00
  • Re-shaft Woods from                                                        £60.00
  • Drill out broken iron heads and re-shaft                      £35.00
  • Loft & Lie Adjustments per club                                    £3.00
  • Swing weight Adjustments per club                              £5.00
  • Extend Graphite shafts saving grips per club              £9.00
  • Extend steel shafts saving grips per club                      £7.00
  • Shorten Clubs and save grips per club                          £6.00
  • Re-epoxy loose club heads                                               £6.00
  • Remove/Save Graphite Shaft                                          £15.00
  • Pull shaft Add new Adapter                                             £30.00
  • Fix rattle in wood                                                               £10.00
  • Pull Shaft Only and save adapters                                  £20.00
  • Switch two shafts saving adapters                                  £30.00
  • Thicken your grips only per club                                    £3.00
  • Grip installation using your grips                                   £2.50
  • Re-shaft sets of irons using your own Ebay shafts      £60.00
  • Spinning raw shaft per club                                             £3.00
  • Pureing raw shafts per shaft                                            £35.00



Mr Tony West – Professional Club MakerReigate Hill Golf club

Gatton Bottom
United Kingdom
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Clubcrafters is based at Reigate Hill Golf club For club repairs flightscope fittings and online enquires ring and ask for Tony