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SUNGJAE IM (KOR) 20/1 – £5EW


PAUL CASEY (ENG) 22/1 – £5EW



LUKE LIST (USA) 100/1 – £3EW

     All odds have been taken from Paddy Power who are paying 8 Places this week

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Tournament History

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The Arnold Palmer Invitational is a professional golf tournament in Florida on the PGA Tour. It is played each March at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, a private golf resort owned since 1974 by Arnold Palmer in Bay Hill, a suburb southwest of Orlando.

The event was founded in 1979 as a successor to the Florida Citrus Open Invitational, which debuted in 1966 and was played at Rio Pinar Country Club, east of Orlando, through 1978. Arnold Palmer won the Florida Citrus Open in 1971.

Since 1979, the tournament title has had a number of different names, most of them including “Bay Hill,” but has played under the Palmer name since 2007. On March 21, 2012, the Arnold Palmer Invitational and MasterCard Worldwide announced an extension to MasterCard’s “Presented by” sponsorship until the 2016 tournament.

In June 2014, the PGA Tour approved a resolution to grant the winner a three-year exemption, one more than regular Tour events and on par with winners of the World Golf Championships, The Tour Championship, and the Memorial Tournament.

Beginning with the 2017 tournament, the winner receives a red cardigan sweater in memory of Arnold Palmer.

In 2019, the event was added to the Open Qualifying Series, giving up to three non-exempt players entry into The Open Championship.

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Tiger Woods: An 8-Time Champion

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Tiger Wood’s dominance of the tournament began in 2000, as he rolled to a decisive four- stroke victory. He made it two in a row the next year with a spectacular birdie on the 72nd hole to nip Phil Mickelson by a stroke. The run continued in 2002 as Tiger again won by four shots and he became just the third player in Tour history to win the same tournament four times in a row in 2003 with a truly astounding final round performance. Even though still battling the after effects of overnight food poisoning and sloshing through an all-day rain, he shot a 68 that zoomed him to an 11 stroke victory, the biggest margin in tournament history.

Back came Woods with his seventh win at Bay Hill in 2012, his first on the TOUR since 2009. It matched his victory total in the WGC Bridgestone Championship, one short of Sam Snead’s all-time record eight wins in the Greater Greensboro Open.

In 2013, after a tenacious six-under-par 66 Saturday, Woods went into Sunday with a two stroke lead. Woods went on to take his 8th win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, equalling Sam Snead for the most titles ever at a single tournament. The win ascends Woods to the number 1 ranking for the first time since October 2010.

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Bay Hill Championship Course

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From the first tee, there’s something about Bay Hill that makes any golfer’s heart beat faster.  The breath taking course sweeps across 270 acres along the shores of the Butler Chain of Lakes.  The Champion, Challenger and Charger links feature 27 holes of tour championship golf.  Originally designed by Dick Wilson and re-designed by Arnold Palmer, the golf course is a regal testament befitting the King of Golf.

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Past Results

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2011      Martin Laird        280

2012      Tiger Woods       275

2013      Tiger Woods       275

2014      Matt Every          275

2015      Matt Every          269

2016      Jason Day            271

2017      Marc Leishman  277

2018      Rory McIlroy       270

2019      F Molinari            276

2020      Tyrrell Hatton     284

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Our Picks

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He is at a big price this week but I like his chances.  His game seems to be clicking into place nicely of late and from what we saw of him at the AT&T at Pebble a couple of weeks ago it’s all positive reading from the team.

Off the tee needs to be on point this week and he gains nearly half a shot on the field every time he tee’s it up. This also means a very high greens in regulation stat at over 71%, his putting is average but never seems to lose strokes putting so this will be an advantage for me, coming to a place where he putts so well on Bermuda and Palmer designed courses.

Not won since the Texas Open back in 2016 so well overdue and came close to winning this event back in 2017 so should and could go one better this week.

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Great price great bet here for me this week. He will be on many betting slips I think this week and you can see why.

Form coming into this week reads: 14/5/56/12/32/17/28

Previous at BayHill: 3RD 2019     3RD 2020

I can see a top ten finish here this week from the man from Korea. He has been fine tuning his game of late and so many positives to talk about. The key trend around this place is of course strokes gained of the tee that box is ticked where he sits inside the top ten on the PGA Tour. He is a birdie machine and will be making plenty around here this week for sure, on average he makes five a round.

Another factor will be accuracy from the tee and again he covers this very well at over 69% fairways hit and ranks inside the top fifteen on the PGA Tour.

If he can get the putter hot he will be a danger man.

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For a bigger price this week I have gone with Luke, there are so many on offer here this week but for me if he can make the cut then who knows. Bay Hill helps if you have played this event a few times this is why he goes in for me instead of Lantio Griffin.

He joined the PGA Tour in 2013 after picking up a couple of wins on the Korn Ferry in 2012 and 2020. So has only just made it back on the full tour now for a year or so, his closest chance to winning a title was at the Honda Classic where he lost in a play-off to Justin Thomas in 2018.

We watched a lot of his golf at the Farmers this year and you can see why some rounds are so erratic and hence a lot of missed cuts. But he is a creature of comfort and if he enjoys a course he normally does have fun and Bay Hill is his type of track.

I know I keep going on about it, but around here it’s all about strokes gained off the tee and again he is mustard. The putter is his worst enemy but he enjoys the greens here so that could change and he could find himself in with a chance over the weekend.

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This has been some start for 2021 for this young Englishman. Fifth place at the Genesis and then followed that up last week with a stunning performance at the WGC at the Concession. I actually thought he would have pushed on over the weekend but seemed to do the opposite shooting 71/72 at the weekend.

He will win in 2021 that is for sure and he has been building up nicely for this event.

His previous here reads MC/27/13/MC/2/9

He won the DP World Tour in Dubai at the end of last year so we know if he has a sniff of victory he can beat the world’s elite anytime he wants. I just think this week we will see more of his recent form and he could go very close this week.

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Our banker bet for the week is our good friend Mr Casey. Always bagged us some good profit over the years and think he will do the same again this week.

I would have liked to have seen the odds slightly higher but the bookies sense it could be a good week as well for the Englishman.

He trumps every aspect needed to play well around Bay Hill.

  • Bermuda Positive
  • Palmer Positive
  • Driving Distance
  • GIR
  • Scrambling

This year he has already had two top ten’s at the American Express and the AT&T Pebble Beach. We caught up with him at Pebble Beach and he said he is striking it better now than he has ever hit it.

He has been hunting down his fourth PGA Tour title for a while now and feel it will be coming soon.

We have noticed some good trends for the this week, the driver is behaving itself which has meant an increase in his overall greens in regulation, but the real positive for us is the putter has turned up again over the past few events.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default”][/et_pb_divider][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Squada One|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”29px” custom_margin=”31px||-5px|||” custom_padding=”5px|||||”]


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.9.0″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”32px|||||”]

Here is a late entry pick from the guys live at Bay Hill, they have followed him during practice and said he was on fire he went seven birdies on the spin playing a couple of balls at some pins and looked to have holed everything out on the greens. “ON FIRE”

Five straight cuts made in 2021 and a great top ten at the WGC last week. He is one of the best putters in the game right now and after hearing what the team had to say then I am liking this bet even more so now.

His all round game is solid, but sometimes the driver is a bit hit and miss, he was as low as 37% accuracy off the tee at the Genesis but still managed a 32ND place finish which is pretty impressive. He pumped that up to 73% accuracy last week and got a top ten. So if the driver is on here we could see him improve yet again this week.

45/1 is a very good price