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Gavin Green (MAS) 25/1 £5EW 888 Sport 6 places 

Dean Burmester (RSA) 80/1 £5EW Boyle Sports 7 places 

Marcel Siem (GER) 200/1 £2EW PP 7 places 

Ryan Fox (NZ) 33/1 £5EW William Hill 6 places 

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The Brabazon GC

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The Brabazon is one of three excellent layouts at the Midlands venue and has Ryder Cup history running through every fairway, green, bunker and lake.

The course is synonymous with the development of the European side and their emergence as a dominant force in the biennial tournament. Some of Team Europe’s greatest memories are rooted in the Belfry’s history.

Designed by Dave Thomas and Peter Alliss, The Brabazon is known as one of Britain’s premier tournament courses.

With its well-positioned lakes, streams and bunkering, good course management is essential if you’re to score well here.

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UK Swing Results 

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Mike’s Picks  

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Gavin Green (MAS) 25/1

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Back on my list again this week didn’t bother backing him last week and just as well would have been outside the places, but I did like his weekend play never the less. He ticks so many boxes again this week he had to go in for me what stats shouted out for me playing the Belfry, well having played this place quite a bit myself over the years.

  • Tighter fairways this week so accuracy from the tee a must. He ranks 11th on the European Tour with 65.17% accuracy.
  • Tough undulating greens so a good putter with a good three putt avoidance is a key factor. He ticks all round putting for me.

Of course playing some of his best golf of late, just feel it is about time that all four rounds can finally come together. It should suit his eye better than Celtic manner so should only mean a better and higher finish up that leader board.

Going for a £5EW with 888 Sport 25/1 paying 6 places 

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Dean Burmester (RSA) 80/1

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Great little bet here this week with most of the punters will be covering a lot of the favourites he stands out doe me this week.  

80/1 WOW!!

His last three events on the UK swing have been:

  • English Championship – 6th
  • Celtic Classic – 47th
  • Wales Open – 21st

Talk about a player trending in the right direction and to be totally honest his game should not have suited Celtic Manor but what a couple of weeks.

What key factors have him in this week you ask? A great birdie machine, very good driver of the ball long and straight. High percentage of greens in regulation hit and makes very few bogeys.

Going with a £5EW here with Boyle Sports 80/1 paying 7 places     

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Marcel Siem (GER) 200/1

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

If I was looking at a long shot and a player who has pedigree then Marcel is my ticket this week. One of the best putters still in the game today and this has been proved over his previous performances of late.

We found out from a good friend and ex caddy of his that he has been working with a new swing coach for over a year now and it is starting to click and come together. The short game and putting has never been an issue so if the driver and irons are now getting back to how he used to play then who knows.

We saw glimpses of that play last week the fact he threw in a 74 and 73 he still managed a tied 27th place finish. Of course he might not be there yet but who knows at this price worth a couple of pound each way.

Going £2EW with PP 200/1 paying 7 places. He is 200/1 everywhere.        

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Ryan Fox (NZ) 33/1

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I was looking through the weather forecast for this week the team are there today and it is forecast rain all day, so looks like it will be target golf playing quite long with pick and place. First player that came to my mind of late is Ryan Fox hits the ball miles and very straight, and one of the best iron player in soft conditions he will be flag hunting for sure this week, and with his putter on fire of late should be making his fair share of birdies.   

Let’s take a look at his overall results of the UK Swing starting with the British Masters:

8th / 15th / 19th / 57th / 15th

Made the cut in all five events so a very solid campaigner.

Only the one ET win he should have had at least three, I feel if the whole game turns up here we will be in with a great chance Sunday afternoon.

Going for a £5EW bet with William Hill 33/1 paying 6 places         

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Ryan Palmer (USA) 80/1 £5EW PP 7 places

Kevin Kisner (USA) 40/1 £5EW BetFred 7 places

Marc Leishman (AUS) 100/1 £2.50 Boyle Sports 7 places

Sungjae Im (KOR) 80/1 £5EW UniBet 6 places

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The North GC at Olympia Fields 

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

The North Course – formerly the club’s No. 4 Course – was designed in 1923 by Musselburgh native Willie Park Jr., two time (1887 and 1889) Open Champion and grandfather of inland golf design.

Although Park’s work includes more than 100 golf courses worldwide, including timeless masterpieces at Sunningdale and Maidstone, the North Course at Olympia Fields is often regarded as Park’s greatest achievement – not just by contemporary critics, but by Park himself, who concluded, “I have examined thousands of places adaptable for the ideal golf course, both in Europe and America, but I have never seen a more natural setting for a championship course. I am satisfied now that your number IV course is the equal of any golf course I have ever seen and I know of none that is superior, either in beauty or natural terrain.”

The North Course remains steadfastly faithful to Park’s original design, with precious few changes over the decades other than deepened bunkers and additional length. Par for the North Course is 70 strokes played over 7,353 yards with a rating of 76.6 and a slope of 150. The North Course is routed over naturally rolling terrain, and makes liberal use of Butterfield Creek, which winds its way through seven holes, including twice on numbers 12 and 14. The North Course had been ranked continually by Golf Digest as one of America’s “Top 100 Greatest Courses” The course record is 63, shared by Rickie Fowler and Vijay Singh.

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Past Results  

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2019 – Justin Thomas

2018 – Keegan Bradley

2017 – Marc Leishman

2016 – Dustin Johnson

2015 – Jason Day

2014 – Bill Horschel

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default”][/et_pb_divider][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Squada One|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”30px” custom_margin=”||45px|||”]

Mike’s Picks  

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Squada One|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”30px”]

Ryan Palmer (USA) 80/1

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

Four time winner on the PGA Tour Ryan comes into this week buzzing and ready to add to that collection of wins.

Of course most the players in the field will have had to be playing well in order to be here in the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Six top ten’s this season and four top twenty finishes he is having such a great season, another player who is well overdue a win.

The team followed him a lot last week and noticed his driving accuracy has improved, but this will need to continue this week if he is going to have a chance to win. The positive for me is the way he deals with par fours he was ten under par last week just on the par fours which is pretty impressive.

He should again have a solid week he likes this place and had two top five’s here in 2014 and 2016.

Going £5EW with PP 80/1 paying 7 places.

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Kevin Kisner (USA) 40/1

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

Firstly 45/1 the odds for Kevin “WOW”

He is a banker this week for sure so he has gone:

T25 – St Jude   T19 – PGA Champ   T3 – Wyndham    T4 – Northern Trust

He is certainly overdue a win this season and his game is ticking along very nicely so why not this week.

Top ten here last year and a lover of this track this week, no reason why his strokes gained will improve yet again here. Driving accuracy is a key trend in winners here, he sits inside the top 25 on the PGA stats. If you combine that with his steady putting stroke I see him making quite a few birdies this week.

Should feature just need all four rounds to be on song?

Betting £5EW with BetFred 40/1 7 places

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Marc Leishman (AUS) 100/1

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

So a big punt this week for Marc having missed three cuts out of his last five starts. For me though he is still great value at 100/1.

His form has been nowhere and you can see the reason the bookies have him at such a long shot this week. I feel that coming back to a place where he has already tasted success back in 2017 could be the kick start to get him moving the right way up the FedEx Cup rankings this week.

Also a place where over ten years he has only missed one cut, so it could be due a change and we might see some of the brilliant Marc back on the golf course this week. He always scores high with his approach to the green play and if he gets the putter working then who knows. He has been here early after the missed cut and looked good out on practice and the putter was hot.

Betting £2.50EW with Boyle Sports paying 7 places.      

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”default”][/et_pb_divider][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Squada One|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”30px”]

Sungjae Im (KOR) 80/1

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.8″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

I feel his missed cut last week worked in our favour a bit here, with his odds creeping up to 50’s is a very good sign. He played well on the Friday shooting an impressive 67, it was all down to his poor opening round of 75 which cost him the cut which was a surprise as he normally starts a lot stronger at the start of tournaments.

He will be coming into this week under the radar a bit which is why I like the play, he played this event last year and managed a good tied 11th spot. No reason why he cannot improve on that this year.

Solid putter and he normally always gains strokes on the field week in week out. Last week both greens in regulation and driving accuracy were a big disappointment. He is normally well over 70% for both categories and feel he will be closer to that here this week.

Eighth at the moment on the FedEx and 24th in the world rankings, I can see him winning again very soon and no reason why it cannot be here.

I am betting £5EW with UniBet 80/1 paying 6 places.

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