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  • ZANDER LOMBARD (RSA) 25/1 – SkyBet 7 Places  
  • DANIEL VAN TONDER (RSA) 175/1 – SkyBet WOW  
  • JUSTIN HARDING (RSA) 25/1 – Coral 7 Places  
  • RHYS ENOCH (WAL) 200/1 – Small e/w bet here. SkyBet 7 Places  
  • DEAN BURMESTER (RSA) 40/1 – Ladbrokes 5 Places

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”||18px|||”]Innovative architectural and landscaping techniques ensure that the Leopard Creek golf course and living areas are naturally protected from animals, while lakes and small streams have been diverted through the development to create scenic vistas and interesting golf strategies.

Golfing hazards take on a new dimension at Leopard Creek, for much of the water is home to the magnificent creatures for which the river is named, crocodiles. Extensive use has been made of water features and sightings of crocodile, hippo, antelope, buffalo and elephant are commonplace, on the course or in the Kruger Park bordering the course.

The 505 meter par-five 13th is one of Leopard Creek’s most memorable holes. Here the green is right on the edge of the Crocodile river but 32 meters above the level of the water, offering magnificent views up the river and into the Kruger Park.

Gary Player is especially proud of the par-five 18th with its island green and the par-four 9th with its peninsula green jutting out of the same body of water.
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  • 2019 – David Lipsky  
  • 2017 – Brandon Stone 
  • 2016 – Charl Schwartzel 
  • 2015 – Branden Grace 
  • 2014 – Charl Schwartzel 
  • 2013 – Charl Schwartzel 
  • 2011 – Garth Mulroy 

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”||20px|||”]Zander has been so close to picking up his first European Tour win this season. He is playing some great golf of late. He seems to find another gear when he plays at the event proven over previous years.  

He finished this event off strong last year to manage a third-place spot.  He has looked in control of his whole game of late and the team have advised he is very close to putting four strong rounds together.  

Take his past few results, seventh place in Spain, seventeenth in Turkey and at the Nedbank it was another top ten. 

Not really any key factors to pull from his stats this season. But we feel he should have a good week.   
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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”||18px|||”]A big favourite of GBT is Justin, we know his family very well and Mike tipped him at the back end of 2018 and said look out for this player, and what a run he had since then picking up the win at the Qatar Masters in March. Second place the following week in Kenya, and then was in contention at the Masters rounding off an amazing appearance in twelfth place.    

He has improved and become a more complete player, moving him inside the top seventy in the world rankings. One of the main reasons he goes in for me? His overall putting, he seems to hole everything when on a run. Also, Off the tee and strokes gained approach are not key factors around Leopard Creek.  

So, the fact that his stats for Driving Accuracy, driving distance and Greens in Regulation are very average this does not bother me around here.  

He should have a great week, and he should feature at some point.
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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_margin=”||-2px|||” custom_padding=”||18px|||”]At 40/1 this week with Ladbrokes paying five places. Dean has gone under the radar for me with this price. 

Winner already on the European Tour and has been very close to winning a second Tour title a few times in 2019. 

  • 15th at the Maybank – March 2019 
  • 9th at the Belgian Knockout – June 2019 
  • 3rd at the Scandinavian – August 2019 

And most recently fourteenth in Portugal shooting back to back 65’s. He is coming in off the back of four straight cuts made. Improving well every week.  

Coming back on home soil, could be just the tonic for him to push for that second win. His is a boomer off the tee as well, which will be an added bonus around here.  
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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”||18px|||”]These types of events always throw up some surprises late in the year, with some weaker fields. So, my first outsider type bet goes to Daniel he is on fire at the moment. Just looking through some of his facts and stats from the Sunshine Tour: 

  • Winner 3 Times  
  • 50 Top Ten’s in 171 appearances 
  • 95 Eagles over 523 rounds 
  • 2115 Birdies in 523 rounds 

His last two events on the Sunshine tour, was a third at the Sibaya Challenge and eighth place at the finals. Not won since March 2019, but I have a feeling this week could springboard his career just like Justin Harding. 

Only played one European Tour event at the Volvo China Open 2019, he managed a 51st place finish. He is playing a lot better now and back on home soil. If he can make the cut, could have a very good week. Sky Bet have gone mental giving you 175/1 everyone else is around 100/1.
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 RHYS ENOCH (WAL) 200/1   

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.6″ text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_margin=”||115px|||” custom_padding=”||18px|||”]You know we always seem to get a player who we like the look off, well we believe Rhys could be that player and maybe the next best thing to come out of Wales. It still could be a little bit early, but I feel his game is pretty much ready and could see some of his best golf coming in his thirty’s.  

He has only played two events on the Sunshine Tour in 2019, and has still managed to be placed inside the top twenty on the order of merit. He has climbed up the world rankings from 1500 to now an impressive 270.  

I also like the types of courses he has performed well at in the past, they seem very similar to here.  

  • Winner at the D+D Slovakia – Penati Golf Resort – 2019 
  • Kazakhstan Open 10th Place – Nurtau GC – 2017  
  • Terre dei Consoli Open 4th Place – Terre Dei GC – 2016 

Reason he is so high in the market is because he has never turned up at a European Tour event yet. I would not stake your house on him but could be a very small wager each way. If he were to make the cut then the cash out value could be looking good.