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Since its start in 1974, with Jack Nicklaus’ historic victory over J.C. Snead at Atlanta Country Club, THE PLAYERS Championship has been one of the PGA TOUR‘s most coveted titles. Held annually in March, THE PLAYERS is one of the most anticipated tournaments on the PGA TOUR calendar, boasting not only the strongest field but also the biggest purse on the PGA TOUR. THE PLAYERS Championship 2021 will be held March 11 – 14, 2021.

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass is a golf course built with both the pros and the fans in mind. The course, owned by the PGA TOUR, first hosted THE PLAYERS in 1982 and is now the permanent home of the annual event. A true “Stadium Course,” the championship-calibre golf course was designed to improve the overall on-site fan experience at THE PLAYERS, while also making it accessible to and playable by golf fans of all abilities.

Working with renowned golf course architect Pete Dye, then-PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman created a course design that favoured no particular player or style of play. The result has been a golf course that has tested the best on the PGA TOUR and set the stage for some of the TOUR’s most dramatic finishes. From Jerry Pate’s tossing Pete Dye into the lake on the 18th hole, to Tiger Woods’ “Better than Most” putt heard around the world in 2001, THE PLAYERS Championship never disappoints.

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From the initial idea by former PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane R. Beman, the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass was built in 1982 to host THE PLAYERS Championship and be the permanent Home of THE PLAYERS Championship. As the first true “Stadium Course,” it was designed to improve the overall on-site fan experience. Finally, the Stadium Course would be a championship-calibre course accessible to all golf fans.

Working with renowned golf course architect Pete Dye, Commissioner Deane Beman created a course design that favoured no particular player or style of play. The result is a truly balanced course. Players find a selection of short, medium and long holes within the categories of par-3s, par-4s and par-5s; both right and left doglegs; and a course routing laid out so no two consecutive holes ever play in the same direction. With its signature island green on the par-3, 17th hole being one of the most recognized in golf, this legendary track has captured the imagination of golf fans all over the world and is consistently named among the top golf courses worldwide. While the 17th hole gets a lot of attention, the 18th hole on this golf course – a 462-yard, par 4 guarded by water down the left side, is a formidable finishing hole.

While championship tees stretch the Stadium Course to 7,245 yards, there are four other yardage options to suit your game. The blue tees measure 6,670 yards and the white tees are at 6,086. A blended tee option at 6,406 yards offers a nice compromise. The Green tee’s are at 5,019 yards.

The Stadium Course has been honoured by multiple golf publications as a top golf destination. Golf Digest ranked it 48th among “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses for 2019-2020″ and ranked the Stadium Course 12th overall among “America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses” in 2017-2018. Golf Digest ranked the Stadium Course the No. 2 “Best Course You Can Play in the State of Florida”.

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2019      Northern Ireland Rory McIlroy      272        −16        1 stroke

2018      United States Webb Simpson        270        −18        4 strokes             

2017      South Korea Kim Si-woo                 278        −10        3 strokes             

2016      Australia Jason Day                         273        −15        4 strokes             

2015      United States Rickie Fowler          276        −12        Playoff 

2014      Germany Martin Kaymer              275        −13        1 stroke

2013      United States Tiger Woods           275        −13        2 strokes

2012      United States Matt Kuchar           275        −13        2 strokes

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The Qatar Masters is a European Tour golf tournament held at Doha Golf Club in Doha, Qatar. When founded in 1998, it was one of two European Tour events to be staged in the Arabian Peninsula, but is currently one of six. From 2005 to 2007 the tournament was co-sanctioned by the Asian Tour.

The tournament had modest fields in its early years, but with the aid of “promotional” money paid to top golfers to appear, and being scheduled within a three week period that included events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it developed to have one of the European Tour’s strongest fields.

In 2018, due to travel restrictions between the UAE and Qatar as a result of the ongoing diplomatic dispute in the Arab World, it was moved to later in the year, and is no longer held at the same time as the Abu Dhabi and Dubai events. The date change coincided with a reduction in prize money, and resulted in a lower field strength than previous editions  

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“The golf course consists of a 33 golf holes (18 Holes, 9 Holes & 6 Holes) that have been specially crafted and designed by Jose Maria Olazábal.”

The course was designed in line with USGA and standards with all green areas of the golf course including the fairways, greens, tees and rough all being USGA Specification. The golf facility covers a sizeable area consisting of 120 Hectares of land adjacent to the Education City Qatar World Cup 2022 stadium. The vision was to design, build and operate a golf facility that honours education, innovation, sustainability, research & development, and culture, ultimately becoming the vehicle that grows the game of golf in Doha, Qatar. Education City Golf Club is an all-inclusive golf course welcoming golfers and non-golfers, we encourage everyone to come and play.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”https://12f.719.myftpupload.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/the-18th-hole-and-10th.jpg” title_text=”the-18th-hole-and-10th” _builder_version=”4.9.1″ _module_preset=”default”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.9.1″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|700|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”27px” custom_margin=”114px|||||”]


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2020     Spain Jorge Campillo                       275        −13        Playoff

2019      South Africa Justin Harding          275        −13        2 strokes

2018      England Eddie Pepperell               270        −18        1 stroke

2017      South Korea Wang Jeung-hun      272        −16        Playoff

2016      South Africa Branden Grace (2)    274        −14        2 strokes

2015      South Africa Branden Grace          269        −19        1 stroke

2014      Spain Sergio García                          272        −16        Playoff

2013      England Chris Wood                         270        −18        1 stroke

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Our Selections for this week

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Going to have to play Max again here this week and for good reason. Even though he has no record around here I just feel from what we have seen of his golf this year he ticks every box needed to shoot really low this week.

What we have noticed is he loves Bermuda and Florida positive along with Pete Dye courses he ticks them all so he should go well here and coming into this week in a great run of form, of course we had him at the AT&T at 50/1 and got us a place that week he then goes on to win the following week at the Genesis since then he has gone 22nd at the WGC and a top ten last week at the Arnold Palmer.

70/1 is a great price for someone of his talent, if he gets to grip with the greens early doors then watch out.

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Jason for the team is now ready to be played and I see why. Three straight cuts made since the top ten at the AT&T he has been improving his overall game nicely and feel it is only a matter of time before he wins again and no reason why he can’t get the job done here.    

The Farmers was his last win on the PGA Tour back in 2018 and he has been knocking on that door for quite a while now. His results here since 2011 have been pretty good reading with three top ten’s one top twenty and of course he won this event back in 2016.

His missed cuts this year have been down to the putter which is very unlike him he normally gains a shot a round on the field most weeks so can see him doing that again here this week. He hit his irons pure last week and this is a very good sign for us and he should be a great front runner for us this week.

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It’s time for Japans best player to step up and claim his sixth PGA Tour title this week and at these odds the bookies are risking it here.

So many positives for me this week with Hideki. His recent form has been good.

  • Houston Open – 2ND
  • Sony Open – 19TH
  • WGC Workday – 15TH
  • Arnold Palmer – 18TH

Over the past history this tournament has always been tight coming down the stretch on Sunday and it could go to a play off this year. And if it does I like our chances his record is 3-0 in play offs beating the likes of Rickie Fowler and Webb Simpson.

His game is pretty much solid all over and he never really has a bad week, tee to green will be a major factor and he is up over one shot a round on the field this season. As with most events the putter will need to get hot and it could do as he also favours the Dye designed greens.

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Going for another Aussie this week with Scott a world’s top twenty five player at these odds WOW.

So the Arnold Palmer is not an event he likes to play something about the course that does not suit his eye and this was his last missed cut way back in 2020 since then he has made eleven straight cuts and had good results but not found that killer touch over the weekends to get close to winning.

This course could be right up his alley and he has made it known he loves this place and boy was he looking good out there in practice this week.  And just take a look at his previous results here since 2010:


So that’s four top twelve finishes in his last four visits here. He is well overdue a win and this could be a great platform for the Masters.  

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He has won us a fair bit of cash in these parts of the world over the years. He looks so at ease playing this event in particular and there is not one player in the field this week with a better results overall than him.

Six top ten’s here over the past eight years and playing some of his best golf of late as well.

He played well at the HSBC in Abu Dhabi at the start of the year he then had a great Saudi International last month with yet another top ten.

This course over the years has been known for its tricky greens and with George being ranked in the top ten on the European Tour stats for Putts per round and Scrambling I see why this course suits him so well.

He will be in the mix and a no brainer bet here.      

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Chris is having a fantastic season on the ET Tour and after winning his first title at the BMW SA Open we have seen nothing but good things with his game.

He is a fighter and not scarred of any challenges, he has proven this over the years when losing his card a few times and going back to Q school and winning his ET place again and again.

The team were paying close attention to him at the HSBC and followed him a lot in round two, there were plenty of good trends to factor into his pick for this week.   

His last three appearances here have been 13/48/7. I think if he does turns up this week it could be another victory to add.   

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.9.1″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

Our good friend from Sweden pegs it up this week and I love his chances. Another player who has been back and forth from Q school and deserves his place on the European Tour.

We got to know him when he played on the Korn Ferry Tour in the states, he went to Arizona State Univ. I believe this will be his event in 2021 so this could be my only worry but you never know.

He is playing well and said looking forward to playing this week as he had such a great result here last year with a nice third place finish. He ticks a lot of boxes and could be the kick start he needs to finally get a win under his belt.

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I think it could be the perfect time to play Sully this week. He has now finally come down of such a high in 2020. It started at the Qatar Masters where he was striking it so well, he followed that up with a fourth place at the British Masters before finally winning the English Championship.

He also had a great BMW to close in a tie for fourth and again went so close at the DP World tour where he ended up in a runners up spot.

The team have seen glimpses of this magic play over the past couple of months just not seemed to have clicked over all four rounds yet. It is only a matter of time and he could be repeating his form the same as last year so watch this space folks.

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