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Bain’s Whisky Cape Town Open –

Extra Tips 

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The Golf Costa Adeje was designed by renowned golf architect Jose Gancedo, who used the natural features of the land (the original banana plantations) to integrate them into the course.

The fairway in Paspalum and the greens in tifEagle make it possible to irrigate the course with recycled water.

Costa Adeje is just 5 kilometres from Playa de las Americas and built on the site of a former banana plantation, inaugurated in 1998 this golf course overlooks the sea and the island of Gomera, its unusual layout respects the old farm terraces that slope down to the sea framed by the original dry stone walls which used to delimit the former banana plantation areas in which the terrain was divided back in those days. These have been restored to sum up the unique enclave of this golf course.

With really beautiful views of the ocean, the island of La Gomera and the rugged Adeje mountains, this unique golf course features 27 holes with wide open greens, lakes and craters and clear views across to the island of La Gomera help to make this a real favourite. The pleasant and spacious Club House has large terraces and a central courtyard. An unusual feature is the lift which takes you down to the driving range in your buggy.

The course has a high value given by the golf players, for the idiosyncrasy of its round and the spectacular environmental surroundings.

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No Recent Past Results 

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1995 – Was the last Tenerife Open where Jarmo Sandelin was the victor.

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A favourite among PGA TOUR professionals, our Copperhead Course is the most recognizable of Innisbrook’s four Tampa, Florida courses. After all, it plays host to the world’s greatest golfers during the PGA TOUR’s annual visit to the resort for the Valspar Championship. Pine tree-lined fairways and rolling terrain define the course – a lengthy challenge for even the longest hitters at more than 7,200 yards.

Striking in beauty and challenge, the surrounding lakes and ponds are home to abundant wildlife, including fox squirrels, bald eagles, alligators, blue herons, and many other types of waterfowl. Copperhead provides the opportunity to enjoy golf the way nature intended.

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Past Results

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YEAR      WINNER              SCORE

2020      Cancelled Due to COVID-19         

2019      Paul Casey           276 (-8)

2018      Paul Casey           274 (-10)

2017      Adam Hadwin     270 (-14)

2016      Charl Schwartzel 277 (-7)*

2015      Jordan Spieth        274 (-10)*

2014      John Senden         277 (-7)

2013      Kevin Streelman 274 (-10)

2012      Luke Donald          271 (-13)*

2011      Gary Woodland    269 (-15)

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For those of you that have been with us for a while now we started to talk about this guy back in 2019 and he has not let us down. He is a good friend of GBT and saw some great play from him over the weekend at the Gran Canaria. OK I admit most of our focus was on our picks Higgo and Olesen but we were also inside the ropes scouting for this week’s picks as well.

At this price I am all over it and has to be the NAP of the week for me here. Most bookies will be around six or seven places and I cannot see him finishing outside the top ten this week.

Wins the Kenya Open and has another crack the following week at the Savannah Classic for another solid 14TH place finish. The putter was a bit rusty last week and he still managed a tied 15TH place so reckon he gets that working quicker this week and from what the boys have said on the practice greens we should be in for a surprise with plenty of putts dropping this week.

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The team like the look of Nino here this week. They have said he is due a high finish very soon and this set up could be just to his liking.

He is always pretty steady and very constant. Does he have it in him to push on and win an ET event I believe yes?

One of our caddies was in his group Thursday and Friday at the Qatar Masters and they were very impressed, he shot a 65 first round and that could have been more like 61. He ended up that week in a tie for 19TH place.

The follow two events he went 12TH at the Kenya Open and then 10TH at the Savannah.

The course this week will demand some good links type golf shots along with elevation distance control and when you look back through his career his best two results have come on tough links type venues in Scotland and Ireland.

Could be a good top ten bet here as well

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Four straight cuts made and has been looking better each time we have seen him of late.

We followed a lot of his golf at the Omega Desert Classic, he shot four rounds under par to close with his best round of the week with a 68 to manage a top ten finish.

He was so very close the magical 59 last week as well as a few others but finished a couple of the number with an amazing round of 61 on moving day is pretty special, always hard to follow that sort of round with another low one but still just outside the top twenty was another good week.

Already a three time winner on the European Tour and has been knocking the door of late and this course should be right up his alley. We got to follow him inside the ropes this morning and he went eight straight birdies out there WOW. He looks hot and at this price he seems worth a punt for sure.

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Kokrak was on the list well before we even saw him playing in practice this week. After going on a run of three top ten’s in a row starting at the WGC Workday then the Arnold Palmer and finished in ninth place at the Players Championship, he has been a bit quite of late. Saying that we saw some great positives from last week’s action at the Zurich Classic where his overall game is once again back and ready for a tough test around Copperhead.

  • SG – Off the Tee – 18TH
  • SG – Putting – 21ST
  • SG – Total – 24TH

With a lot of par 3’s here this week of course iron play and strokes gained on Par 3s will be top of the list when picking up the trophy Sunday night. He sits nicely inside the forty on the PGA Tour for scoring.

We should get a good run out of him here this week

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I know a lot of people fancied him at the Masters this year, but for me it was asking a lot for a player with hardly any form to talk of coming in, and to try and hold that for four rounds in a Major was never really going to happen.

This event for me has to be one of the best courses to play Rose, he loves this place and I feel that now he is capable of stringing four solid rounds together. He has managed three top ten’s here over the past ten years.    

I believe that the pair’s competition last week has given him that spark he needs to get another win under his belt. This is a course that demands accuracy from the tee, good distance control and combined with a great short game and putting record. Rose for me is ready and with the putter looking red hot of late he should be making plenty of birdies this week. If everything clicks the way it should he could pull away from the field this week for sure.    

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This boy is on FIRE!!!

Ever since the ZOZO last year where we started to follow most of his rounds he has been so impressive week on week. I tipped him at the Masters 2020 and he did not disappoint bagging us a great each way return at 150/1. How has he only won once on the PGA Tour is my only question he could have picked up four of five wins over the past six months?

It’s no surprise really then when you take a look at his season stats:

  • SG – Off the Tee – .623 – 9TH PGA Tour
  • SG – Approach The Green – .718 – 11TH PGA Tour
  • SG – Tee to Green – 1.298 – 9TH PGA Tour
  • SG – Total – 1.563 – 11TH PGA Tour

He has played this event once before so is familiar with the course and managed a top twenty finish.

The position he is in right now it’s only a matter of time until his next PGA Tour win, Copperhead is a tough track that is right up his alley. This could be the one.

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.9.2″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”|600|||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″]

50/1 I liked the sound of that straight away. Why does he sit at the top of my picks this week well lets see the boxes he ticks around here.

  • Bermuda/Poa Positive – YES
  • Carolina Positive – YES
  • Firm Postitve – YES
  • Florida Positive – YES
  • Par 3 Scoring Positive – YES
  • Proximity to Hole – YES

His last two events Corrales tied sixth place then the RBC Heritage second place. He joined the PGA Tour in 2016 and had his first win that year at the Frys Open. He is primed to win again very soon this could be his week and at 50’s I am all over this.

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